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The End 17.10.2023
Broken bodies 16.10.2023
Race day 15.10.2023
Marathon ready... Cycling counts as training right? 14.10.2023
Rest days and a day trip 12.10.2023
Cycling along the North Sea 09.10.2023
The end of the Rhine 08.10.2023
Democracy in action 06.10.2023
Feels like our last night of camping 05.10.2023
Autumn is here 04.10.2023
The fascinating city of Den Bosch 03.10.2023
Reunion with Dutch cyclists we met in Bosnia and Hercegovina 02.10.2023
A mate from high school 01.10.2023
Birthday parkrun, cake and bubbles 30.09.2023
Catching up with an old friend 29.09.2023
Beautiful Dutch villages 28.09.2023
Trying the local cuisine with a 6 course degustation menu 27.09.2023
Birthday week 26.09.2023
Last country in Europe 25.09.2023
A friendly chat in Albania leads to a homestay in Germany 24.09.2023
I finally get my pork knuckle 22.09.2023
Catching up with our Camino friend 21.09.2023
New friends 20.09.2023
More amazing German hospitality 19.09.2023
Another day of castles and vineyards - simply stunning. 18.09.2023
One of our favourite days on the Rhine 17.09.2023
Atmospheric Mainz and Eltville 16.09.2023
Pacmans first flat 15.09.2023
Testing 1,2,3 14.09.2023
Kim falls in love with Lewis an Irish Terrier 13.09.2023
An expensive day for Polly! 12.09.2023
Sleeping in a pod on the lake 11.09.2023
Recharging by the lake 10.09.2023
Canal riding, near crash and bonking at 50kms 07.09.2023
Back to France and time for more French cheese and wine 06.09.2023
Back to Germany and experiencing the local hospitality 05.09.2023
parkrun, 3 countries in 1 day and a degustation dinner 03.09.2023
So much for a rest day 01.09.2023
And we thought it was all downhill from the Alps 31.08.2023
Pretty cycling, saying no and a busted spoke 30.08.2023
Enjoy downtime in our cosy Airbnb 29.08.2023
Cycling through Germany and Switzerland all day long 27.08.2023
Enjoying the German lakes 26.08.2023
Unicorn hunting 25.08.2023
Kim bonks 24.08.2023
Our first real warm showers experience 23.08.2023
Catching up with friends we met on the road 22.08.2023
Today we cycle over the Alps!!! 21.08.2023
Making our way to the Alps 19.08.2023
Mezzovico to Cresciano via Bellinzona 18.08.2023
Goodbye Italia 17.08.2023
From one lake to another 16.08.2023
Lake Como, recharging our batteries 15.08.2023
Majestic Bergamo 11.08.2023
The start of the Italian lakes 10.08.2023
Chilling in Verona 06.08.2023
Tosca at Verona Arena - what an experience 05.08.2023
Cycling through the Italian countryside 04.08.2023
Cycling along the River Brenta 03.08.2023
Last stop on the Italian coast 02.08.2023
Super cute Commachio 01.08.2023
Strolling in Ravenna 31.07.2023
Marecchia parkrun 30.07.2023
Chilling out in Rimini 28.07.2023
San Marino you are a stunner! 27.07.2023
Ciao Italia! 26.07.2023
Part 1 of our trip comes to an end 23.07.2023
Kim finally got her wedding! 22.07.2023
Konami - stunning, steep and hot 21.07.2023
See ya later Kosovo…we will be back 20.07.2023
Locals save the day 19.07.2023
Pacman has a broken axle and we may be stranded… 18.07.2023
Meeting the locals 17.07.2023
Kosovan Kindness 15.07.2023
€560 million city makeover! 13.07.2023
A very cool Painted Mosque 12.07.2023
We reach 1320 metre above sea level 11.07.2023
Macedonian hospitality 09.07.2023
Bigorski Monastery 08.07.2023
Ups and downs 07.07.2023
Blissful camping spot on Lake Ohrid 06.07.2023
Country number 8 - North Macedonia 02.07.2023
Time for a rest 01.07.2023
We hit 3,000kms! 29.06.2023
More spectacular mountains 27.06.2023
16.2km our shortest day yet 26.06.2023
Big climb day, rewarded by a night in a distillery 25.06.2023
Cycling through mountains and valley 24.06.2023
Mother Lola 23.06.2023
A little slice of bliss 22.06.2023
Berat one of Albanians most beautiful cities 20.06.2023
Recovery by the beach 18.06.2023
A country that was closed for 40 years… 16.06.2023
The bridge we shalt not cross 15.06.2023
Albanian agro tourismo double shot - farm to plate goodness 14.06.2023
And into Albania we go… 13.06.2023
Last stop in Montenegro 12.06.2023
Leaving Kim’s happy place 11.06.2023
The accidental hike 08.06.2023
Montenegro…should really be called Mountenegro! 06.06.2023
Best breakfast of the trip but sick by the end of the day 04.06.2023
From wild camping to staying in old train station 03.06.2023
First day of summer - camping at waterfalls 01.06.2023
Mostar - the jewel of B&H 31.05.2023
Wow is the word of the day 29.05.2023
Stepping back in time 28.05.2023
Rafting on the Neretva river 27.05.2023
Steep long decent into Konjic 26.05.2023
3 days in Sarajevo 25.05.2023
What are odds? 22.05.2023
Loving the lush green valleys of B&H 21.05.2023
Friendly strangers 20.05.2023
Bike problems and another fortress 19.05.2023
Locals love telling us we are crazy 17.05.2023
See ya later Serbia…it’s been fun! 16.05.2023
Goodbye Danube, hello Sava 15.05.2023
Wind, dogs and traffic equal a stressful 32kms! 14.05.2023
Through the eyes of a local 13.05.2023
Recovery day 12.05.2023
From stress to serenity 11.05.2023
No ferry and no train make for a 102km day 10.05.2023
Another very cool fortress 09.05.2023
More tunnels 08.05.2023
The tallest rock sculpture in Europe 07.05.2023
Sad news and fond memories 06.05.2023
Wine tasting in Serbia 05.05.2023
A new country for both of us 04.05.2023
A Roman built fortress in Bulgaria 03.05.2023
Back to Bulgaria we go! 02.05.2023
The gift of strawberries 01.05.2023
Meeting the neighbours mum 30.04.2023
Change of plans and into Romania we go 29.04.2023
Longest ride yet - 79kms! 28.04.2023
Rock monasteries 27.04.2023
Ruse Day 26.04.2023
21st meet a versary 25.04.2023
Bush bashing in the Eurovelo 6 24.04.2023
We are on the Danube baby! 23.04.2023
When a Welsh family moves to Bulgaria 22.04.2023
Listening to bodies 21.04.2023
Silver lining 20.04.2023
Time to get in the professionals 19.04.2023
Unexpected lunch stop 18.04.2023
Trying the local wine 17.04.2023
10km uphill… 16.04.2023
So much mud! 15.04.2023
Bulgaria’s most beautiful castle 14.04.2023
Orthodox Easter 13.04.2023
Are we cyclists yet? 12.04.2023
Hilltop Border Crossing 11.04.2023
Headwinds and hills 10.04.2023
A great day for cycling 09.04.2023
Rest day 08.04.2023
Our 17th wedding anniversary 07.04.2023
More generosity 06.04.2023
On ya bike / The accidental homestay 05.04.2023
Goodbye and getting set 04.04.2023
Last day in Istanbul 03.04.2023
What is Kokoreç? 02.04.2023
Playing tourist 01.04.2023
Jetlag 31.03.2023
Old friends 30.03.2023
All present and accounted for 29.03.2023
Feeding the hunger 29.03.2023