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Sleeping in a pod on the lake

Gambsheim to Lauterbourg

sunny 30 °C
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Up at 7:15am. I jump into the lake to wake up. Kim's head cold is really starting to block her up, so I can’t convince her to come in. It’s been such a lovely spot to rest and recharge. Coffee, pack and off at 9am. It’s another blue sky day, not a breath of wind. It’s forecast for 30 degrees and it feels like it won't be long before it gets there.

Cycle through the village to the supermarket for breakfast and lunch provisions. Find a park close by and enjoy our croissants, yogurt, muesli and orange juice. The park has swings, a kiddies fort and a skateboard ramp but not toilets. We wonder what the kids do when they need to pee. Public toilets in France just don’t seem to exist. This can be problematic for Kim who has the bladder the size of a pea!

This is our last full day in France. We cycle completely on French side of the Rhine and our campground is just before the French/German border. It is also on a lake. We had considered coming here yesterday but when we rang to book they told us that there had been a Techno dance festival there there last few nights and a few stragglers were still about so we might be kept awake. Hard no from Kim... I thought we might be able to score some performance enhancing pills for the rest of the ride (I'm joking mum).

From the map todays ride looks like a really nice, being almost completely along the river bank. Instead we cycle along a canal next to the Rhine with a dyke obscuring our view of the river. It's still nice, but not what we were expecting. I should learn not to have expectations of our journey based on a map, it is never what you think.

We cycle along the canal and little rivers all day and only see the Rhine once. We are on cycle paths and pass many cyclists with the majority being older French day cyclists. Some say hello but most don’t. We say hi to everyone... maybe we're the weird ones?
The waterways look shallow but crystal clear. The procession of ducks and swans swimming by does not seem to stop. Don’t pass through any villages today as we skirt around their outskirts. My brain wanders... does a town have inskirts? Is there a petticoat part of a town? Are the nickers the center of town?

On the edge of our campgrounds town Kim spots a farmers vending machine. Later we notice it shows up on google as a grocery store. It only sell eggs and sadly it is out of the 1/2 dozen pack.

We arrive at our campground just after 1pm with 56kms under our belt. The reception and cafe are closed until 3pm so we make Jamon and cheese sandwiches on one of their tables. Kim has bought her favourite cheese - La rustique. It’s French Camembert and it’s stinky...just as we like it! It costs $16 at home but here it is only a few Euros.

Refueled we ride 1.5km to the supermarket to buy dinner and breakfast provisions. Back just as check-in opens.

A Dutch lady has showed up just before us in her unclosed Velo. A recumbent bike with a fiberglass outershell. She doesn’t speak any English but we understand enough to get shown her wheels! Very cool indeed.
We have decided to book a Pod/barrel thing to sleep in for a bargain sum of Euro28. It has has a bed and table and electricity so we can charge all of our stuff. Unfortunately our pod is baking hot inside like a Finnish sauna. Leave window and doors to try and cool it down while we unpack. Get changed and jump into the lake. The lake looks nicer than we perceive it to be. I think our imagination of the techno festival for the last 2 nights makes water feels soupy! Anyway we cool down without putting our head under, then go in search of a shower!
Our neighbours are the same French couple who camped next to us last night. They are from Burgundy and on a 1 month trip. They didn’t speak to us at last night but seems we to have warmed to us seeing us a second time! I don't think they have much English, but it is better than our almost zero French.

On our otherside, two mid-20 something girls show up, they are for Frankfurt and are much chattier. They were planning to ride though the Black Forest then back to Frankfurt, but got a flat and when they fixed it, it had a buckle it, so they had to go to a bike mechanic to fix it. Thus their route changed and they ended up here.

We spend the late afternoon blogging and resting with views of the lake. Wanting a change Kim makes burritos with kidney beans, avo, capsicum and tomato. Hits the spot. Enjoy a cuppa as the sun goes down.


Days cycled - 105
Rest days - 55
Distance cycled - 54.9 km (5242.3km)
Ascent - 330m (Total 46810m)
Descent - 310 (Total 46680m)
Money Spent - $104 AUD (Total $18226 AUD)

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