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Pretty cycling, saying no and a busted spoke

Altenburg to Murg

semi-overcast 22 °C
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Time to leave our cocoon. The rain has stopped and we can see glimpses of blue sky. We feel rested. Today ride is to 66kms away to a campground on the river in Murg.
We clear out our pantry at breakfast (that is, we have eaten all our food) and check out at 10am. We cycle out of the village and our front chain comes off. The chain guard is loose which makes it easier for the chain to come off. I meant to fix it on our day off, but forgot. No problem I have it back on in minutes, then attach some cable ties to keep the chainguard in place - will hopefully solve the problem for the rest of the tour.

Cycle through crops with little traffic. It’s a nice start to the day...even though it is uphill. As we leave Jestetton, after about 5kms we spot a bike shop. Stop to see if they have a spoke tool. We have loose spokes on the back wheel. When we are riding slowly we can hear them ping as the weight moves around the turning wheel. Success - Euro8! The bike mechanic says remember to turn right to tighten. I reply yes... Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey. He laughs - he had not heard that before.

Cross back into Switzerland for 10-15km before we are back into Germany. It is not until 21km into the day that we spot the Rhine. We are in the village of "Hohentengen am Hochrhein". Stop at Aldi on the German side for lunch provisions. Outside Aldi as we are eating juicy peaches and croissants and a local lady parks her bike next to us. She tells us she has been to Australia and actually got married in Mt Isa! She invites us to her place for coffee. We both really want to say yes, but we still have 45kms to go and it is already 12pm. We sadly decline.

10km down the road we are hungry again, but not enough for sandwiches. We stop in a park across the road from a train station. Yogurt and muesli for lunch in "Bad Zurzach". Kim thinks that "Bad" means Spa in German. Later research confirms that Bad means Bath...pretty close. We don’t spot the towns thermal baths although they are apparently quite well renowned.

We are already pretty stuffed. The are lots of little ups and downs, nothing too steep, but cumulatively they are taking a toll. We agree that although disappointed we made the right call not to accept the coffee invitation.

It's a day of variety on the cycling front. Fields, forests, sometimes along the rhine, other times it is out of sight, but there are always lovely little villages.
The village before Murg is Laufenburg. It’s the prettiest of the day. It's has two parts - Swiss and German split by the Rhine.
The Murg campground right at the river. They have barrel/pod and Kim is keen to stay in one but it is already booked. Camping is Euro18 a the night - the cheapest in Europe to date! We set up next to the picnic tables. Tent up. Shower. Wake clothes. Restaurant at campground is not open but the owner recommends the local bath's cafe a kilometre or so back. It’s good and cheap. Sounds good to us. We road past it on our way to the campground but it feels so much longer walking back. We are just hungry and tired!

Share a goulash and a burger and wash it down with a local beer. We must be tired - no food photos. We sit overlooking the Rhine and listening to the other diners. They all sound German.

Back at the campground another bikepacker arrives. Phillip from Frankfurt. He started in Andermatt on the weekend and it was snowing! Such a huge change from the 33 degrees we experienced the weekend before!

I decide to tighten the spokes with my new tool. The second spoke I tighten snaps. F@ck! Note to self, if the whole spoke turns then it is either as tight as it goes or the thread is rusted in place. Either way tightening will result in it snapping.

Something to deal with tomorrow.


Days cycled - 98
Rest days - 50
Distance cycled - 66.0km (4887.4km)
Ascent - 460m (Total 44560m)
Descent - 570m (Total 44240m)
Money Spent - $101 AUD (Total $16700 AUD)

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